Music Truly Can Heal The Heart And Soul.

Since 1994, music therapy has been practiced locally, helping the community through the use of music-based experiences that address specific clinical goals in individuals to promote health, well-being, and enhance quality of life. We understand the impact that music therapy can have in our patients’ lives and that is why we offer this clinical and evidence-based service by our Board Certified Music Therapists who use music as the means to help patients achieve their set goals.

Music therapy can impact whole person needs for individuals, groups, families and caregivers. Music therapists work in a variety of settings to address the different needs of people throughout the lifespan, from the NICU through end of life, in schools, hospitals, hospices, psychiatric facilities, nursing homes, assisted living and rehabilitative settings. People do not need to have any prior musical background to benefit from music therapy intervention.

Music therapists and music therapy interns often use live music to address individualized goals based upon a client’s various holistic needs. These may include the following:

  • Emotional support through encouraging emotional expression and processing, and offering grief support
  • Physiological support through pain and symptom management, increasing range of motion, and/or motivating movement
  • Social support through increasing engagement and interaction, decreasing isolation and encouraging reminiscence
  • Spiritual support through providing spiritual community via client preferred music, rituals, and practices
  • Cognitive support through increasing attention span, improving life skills, and maintaining long-term memory

Examples of music therapy experiences may include: singing, songwriting, music listening and discussion, music-assisted relaxation techniques, improvisation and instrument play.

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